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There are a number of high quality luxury watch makers on the market but there are some who have carved out a particular speciality.

Breitling is renowned as much for its ability to create watches designed for travel, and especially aviation, as it is for its stunning visual appeal.

All Breitling watches are Swiss-made, and certified as a chronometer; this means that all will have been subjected to vigorous testing from the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute before hitting the market. The result of this certification means that Breitling watches are guaranteed to be incredibly accurate and perform well in a range of different temperatures and positions, maintaining a high level of performance despite external conditions.

Breitling is typically worn by intrepid and adventurous individuals and indeed, one particular design includes an emergency beacon which can be picked up by both satellites and aircraft 90 nautical miles away. This watch is normally reserved for sale to licensed pilots only although it is possible to be purchased by others subject to certain conditions being met (such as agreeing to meet costs if the emergency beacon is accidentally activated).

But just because Breitling watches are packed with extra functionality doesn't mean they skimp on the aesthetics. Each timepiece is not just pin-point precise, but also the very epitome of understated affluence and class. The Breitling popularity is growing with their new and exciting releases every year. New or pre-owned the Breitling watches are always a desired choice. 

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