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Swiss watch-maker Omega has a long and distinguished history, created in in 1848 and was chosen as the official timepieces for both UK and US troops in combat in 1917 and 1918. Later on, Omega became the first watch in space when it was worn on the trip to the moon by both Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong, after being selected by NASA.

Although Omega has arguably never had such a unique experience since, it remains the choice of active, adventurous and fearless luxury watch wearers from around the world. Their ranges include models for both men and women, allowing both sexes to enjoy its unparalleled good looks and extensive features.

Perhaps fittingly for a watch-maker that has been into outer space, the designs are progressive and pioneering, leading the way in the field of luxury timepieces. Master craftsmanship is an integral part of every watch but research and design at the very forefront of horological technology is also a driving force at Omega.

Wearers of an Omega watch can choose between a wide range of designs with both quirky and classic features, as well as limited editions such as the James Bond watch released in 2006.

It's not just James Bond who appreciates the fine workmanship in Omega watches; Cindy Crawford, George Clooney, Elvis Presley, Prince William and Michael Phelps have all publicly sported Omega watches on their wrists. 

We would go as far to say that Omega is probably the most popular second hand watch. Omega watches have been at the front of watchmaking for decades and this has made for a very strong following. Young or old people are buying up pre-owned Omega watches. It may have been a piece that they admired as a child or a resent model they have waited to get there hands on. There are so many pre-owned Omega watches for sale at great prices so search hard for your perfect Omega. 

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