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Arguably the most sought-after watch in the world, Rolex is one of the most iconic symbols of power, class and sophistication.

Originally created in London in 1905, less than 20 years later, in 1919, the fledgling company moved its entire operation to Switzerland.

Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength being often viewed as the yardstick for the whole luxury watch industry, having introduced a number of new technological advances to the market, such as waterproofing and automatically adjusting features. Rolex was also the very first brand to achieve certification as a chronometer.

Rolex is universally accepted as the ultimate authority on timekeeping, and is the official ambassador for events such as the Olympics, Le Mans, Formula 1 and Wimbledon.

Despite a handful of other luxury brands offering the same superb workmanship and quality, there is something very different about owning a Rolex which goes beyond all else. Having a Rolex on your wrist bestows a sense of sophistication and class which is impossible to match.

Not many luxury watch brands can rival Rolex's worldwide sales. Every year they increase and with new and exciting models being released every year, demand is always strong. The pre-owned Rolex market is probably the most saturated but don't let that put you off searching for a second hand one. Many prestigious high street jewelers have a large collection of used quality Rolex watches for sale. 

Rolex watches are sleek, well designed and with an immaculate finish, and some would suggest that despite other watch brands becoming popular, there is still nothing the rival the king of luxury timepieces, the Rolex. 

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